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Diy Eyelash Lifting Kit

Long, thick, and curled lashes can make you have that wide-eyed-charming-look, so do not be surprised there are lots and lots of women investing time and effort in front of a mirror just to make their lashes beautifully curled. However, keeping them curled all day long is quite challenging, especially if you're using the traditional rollers. With DIY Eyelash Lifting Kit, it is easy for you to achieve curled lashes, which can last for up to eight (8) weeks!


DIY Eyelash Lifting Kit contains keratin solution treatment of premium quality which has been tested for all skin and hair types — to guarantee safety and effectiveness.

With this revolutionary eyelash perming kit, beautifully curled lashes can be enjoyed without needing a curler, eyelash extensions or a mascara. You can also save yourself from worrying about the burning or stinging sensation since the DIY Eyelash Lifting Kit is vegan, safe, and toxic-free.


Eyelash Lifting Kit comes with:

  • Perm Lotion - a curing agent that allows the eyelashes to curl naturally beautiful.
  • Fixation Lotion - helps the lash to keep its curl for approximately 3 months.
  • Cleanser Lotion - helps to clean off oil, dust, and makeup residue.
  • Nutrition Lotion - repairs, protects, and moisturizes the eyelashes.
  • Silicon Lift Pads (5 pieces, medium and large) - provides an excellent curling angle to fix the eyelashes. All is very easy to use.
  • Glue - specially formulated for use with the silicon pads. It has a mild gentle scent and low irritation that does not produce those annoying hard to remove white flakes.


Step 1: Using the cleanser lotion, clean off the oil, dust, and makeup residue on eyelashes.
Step 2: Put under eye pads on the lower eyelid.
Step 3: Stick the silicone eye pads on the upper eyelid.
Step 4: Apply the glue on eyelashes and silicone eye pads.
Step 5: Brush eyelashes using the Y shape brush, then cover the plastic film on eyelashes for about 10 minutes.
Step 6: Apply the perm lotion on eyelashes, then cover the plastic film on eyelashes for about 10 minutes.

Step 7: Apply the fixation lotion on the eyelashes, then cover the plastic film on eyelashes for about 10 minutes.
Step 8: Remove the plastic film, then use the cleanser lotion to clean off all perm residue.
Step 9: Apply the nutrition lotion to repair eyelashes.


  • The solution can cause eye/skin irritation if not used properly.
  • If the solutions get into eyes, flush with cool water for 5 minutes or until gone.
  • If problems persist, go to a professional. We are not responsible for misuse or damage caused by this product.
  • Please keep away from children at all times.


Type: Eyelash Perming Kit
Net Weight: 25ml in 1 kit
Color: Pink, Yellow, Blue, Clear


  • 5x Silicone Pads (S, M, M1, M2, L)
  • 3x 2 Heads Y-shaped Perming Brushes
  • 1x Bottle Cleanser Agent
  • 1x Bottle Perming Agent
  • 1x Bottle Fixing Agent
  • 1x Bottle Moisturizing Agent
  • 1x Bottle Perming Glue
  • 1x 5ml Bottle False Lashes Glue


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